Top 7 Free Influencer Marketing Tools For Social Media

Social Influencer Marketing On The Rise

Influencer marketing has been around since ancient Roman civilization, when whom you knew in society was essential to the success of your business. When you subscribe you’ll get our free ebook, a detailed overview of the 3 most popular agile marketing styles, so you can choose the one that’s right for your team and go agile today! As a high-in-the-funnel digital tactic, influencer marketing can help you increase brand awareness, increase brand affinity and increase intent-to-purchase. Now automation has transformed the search by streamlining and bringing real transparency to the process. I predict that marketers will define the value of a platform by the challenges it helps brands and influencers overcome, rather than the size of the influencer pool available. The five key capabilities that marketers should look for in any baseline influencer marketing tool should be the ability to discover, connect, engage, recruit, and measure success within the platform. In between all that, there are powerful tools to manage each influencer relationship.

Many influencer campaigns also take a content element in which either to create content for the influencers, or they create the content themselves. The main problem with influencer marketing is the series of challenges you might encounter while trying to execute a successful campaign. According to a report in AdWeek , marketers who ran an influencer marketing campaign in 2014, generated higher earned media value than those who did not. Long used by companies promoting their own products and services on electronic and print media, many consumers have become averse to such type of marketing. Influencer marketing isn’t just a trend, it’s here to stay – and it’s an incredibly powerful addition to any brand’s marketing strategy.

Both of these things will clearly NOT help you build relationships with influencer and may in fact damage your reputation and any hopes of influencer marketing. The Influencer Marketing Roadmap also includes recommendations for technology, personnel, budget, metrics and all other components necessary to tackle a robust improvement effort. Influencer marketing is the exact opposite, it requires that you implement a deliberate plan and invest a significant amount of up front time in order to reap the benefits. We sat down with some of biggest companies in the space, and asked them to walk us through what exactly is influencer marketing, and how people are doing it successfully.

Influencer marketing platforms are part of the solution, not the solution itself. Starting with the right influencers, we develop a marketing strategy and a plan to empower them to tell the story of your brand. Part of this also means ensuring you’ve got a well thought-out influencer marketing strategy, including how to approach deliverables and other criteria that may alleviate some of the anxiety around giving up control. Around since 2010, Influenster is a marketing and review platform that aims for earned-media credibility with product opinions offered in vlog, blog or simple review form.

However, unlike Lord & Taylor, be sure to stay compliant with Federal Trade Commission regulations on Influencer Marketing so don’t learn the hard way and have your brand fined for false advertising. Bloglovin’s report suggested that brands that want to get the most out of their influencer marketing should run campaigns across social platform. ION, the Influencer Orchestration Network, has provided an updated view of key things brands should know about this powerful strategy for connecting with customers. The study shows how different Advertisements featuring different Influencer are received by different age groups. There is still room for beautifully and creatively done TV ads and specific concepts, but companies having a perfectly orchestrated campaign will no longer make sense.

Platforms that give brands the tools to build their own networks will be the ones that add the most value, mostly because you’re giving the power to the marketers who understand their brands more than anyone else. We work with you to structure a blogger engagement strategy that’s aligned with your business goals. Influencer content can play a role at any stage during the buying cycle, whether it’s creating awareness, part of consideration and evaluation, a transaction, or even around retention or advocacy. Now that Google has a stake in influencer marketing, it is going to attempt to get marketers to leverage the modality in a much more comprehensive way. While some brands like to be hands on, others prefer to have the agency take care of everything, and neither is a wrong choice. Instagram marketing is a great way to promote a brand and showcase visual aesthetic.

In the same way a company might pay to put an ad online, they can pay an influencer to talk about their service or product to their existing audience. Everything you need to design a solid sales process, and sales plan for your B2B, and B2C business. Essentially, Influencer Marketing will save you lots of money while increasing reaches.

These often roll up to higher level marketing goals or key performance indicators (KPIs) you hope to achieve. From our own research and the recommendations of others, here are some examples of how brands have achieved their objectives through well engineered influencer marketing campaigns. I hate to give the obvious answer, but an influencer is anyone who has influence over your target audience’s opinions and choices. Honesty in the marketplace is an absolute necessity, because influencers are aware of their impact. By inviting real people to provide the voice” of a brand, influencer marketing lessens the perceived divide and translates brand messaging into the language of the consumer.

They generated decent ROI and still produced a campaign that traditional digital marketing couldn’t match but they left a lot on the table. This relatively new form of marketing has emerged from the intersection of public relations and social media, where the focus is less on the target market as a whole and more on a subset of individuals with a natural megaphone. Scott Guthrie is the digital director at Ketchum, and is in charge of its influencer strategy.

Influencer marketing can be practiced through many channels, but experts agree that social media are the best place to find and use the help of influencers. Keep in mind that your audience demographics play a major role in determining which influencers will be the most trusted in your marketplace. More than 50% of brands think that influencer marketing generates better customers compared to other digital advertising avenues. In our time in influencer marketing working with some of the top brands, we’ve found that the best results come from the people who’ve built engagement with their audience based on what they’re creating.

Prussakov authored numerous books which were translated into other languages, trained tens of thousands of Internet marketing professionals, and are also used as textbooks in many MBA programs around the world. How it Works: Hootsuite’s influencer strategy template is a perfect organizational tool that helps you build and stick to your influencer marketing strategy. You need to know your audience and choose the appropriate influencer accordingly. Search blogger program” in Google and you’ll end up with over 58 million results.

Building on a career of integrating marketing and business strategy across digital and social media channels, Cristine is a leader in managing social media, brand ambassador and affiliate programs for Fortune 100, 500 and 5,000 brands. To successfully launch an influencer marketing campaign, you need to work with the right influencers. Influencer marketing & ROI: A recent study by eMarketer shows that brands that invested in influencer marketing have increased their return of investment significantly. Influencer marketing generates an average of $6.50 for every $1 spent , with the top 13% of users seeing returns as high as $20 on the dollar. Justifying resources to manage influencer relationships starts by fully understanding the value.

From content creation and distribution to a new product launch, working with social media influencers is an investment that will help your business see returns long-term. An influencer can be any person, group, brand, blogger, or ambassador who has the ability to help influence their audiences buying decisions. The first and most important step towards setting your influencer marketing strategy is to be on the same page with your influencer, and make sure that s/he is aligned with your objectives too.

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