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In Email Marketing for eCommerce Part 1 , we went over what goes into the perfect welcome email. In fact, the sender name is the main reason why people open your email Test your from address by sending your campaigns from a person’s name, person + company or from your CEO. Before creating an email marketing strategy , small business owners need to know the facts behind this kind of marketing. While Litmus offers some outstanding features on their paid plans (cough…Builder…cough), they also provide free email tools that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without. The ideas I’ve shared here are just the beginning of a full-scale eCommerce email marketing program. Drip prides itself on providing only the tools you need without the extra bloat.

With a name like Drip ,” you know this email service provider is focused on automation. The first step in Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing is to Sign up and create a free account with EasySendy Pro. You can use the solution to automate repetitive tasks and to map out the steps of your marketing and sales strategy. This allows you to get far more creative with lead generation than a simple email opt-in form. Elixir Web Solutions offers a comprehensive set of email marketing services to cater for all your requirements. On top of it all, you also get different analytics that allow you to you determine just how well your email did, and how you can improve it in the future. Benchmark’s free plan offers up to 2,000 subscribers, 14,000 emails per month and free 24/7 support. They also offer an Ultimate” package that comes with a personal marketing coach.

A worthy rival to both MailChimp and Benchmark, Sendinblue is an online email management system offering 9,000 emails per month, unlimited contacts and a large email template library for free. Segment your audience: The last thing you ever want to do in an email is waste your audience’s time with messages that don’t matter to them, even just once. Since most people scan their inbox, make it easy on them when figuring out whether to open your email. Be sure to follow this email marketing guide and test your emails and see what is working and what isn’t—that way you don’t waste precious time on something that isn’t effective.

Consider letting someone else manage your email marketing, so you can focus on running your business. Not sure if this is marketing speak or maybe they measure power” differently than I do, but Infusionsoft (which we’ll get to in a couple weeks) is able to run advance automation sequences (like webinars and launch campaigns). It’s all about sending the appropriate email based on where they are in the customer lifecycle. When you’re evaluating free services there are three limiting factors you’ll want to consider: list size, daily email limit, and monthly email limit. Email campaigns are a cost-effective way of attracting quality return visitors to your website.

Mobile opens accounted for 53% of all email opens in Q3 of 2014 occurred on a tablet or mobile phone according to the Experian Quarterly email benchmark report. So there you have it – some tips to get you started with running successful email marketing campaigns to support your new online business. The mobile suite feature allow you to manage your email campaign with your smartphone. It’s clear that there’s no such thing as a one-size fits all email marketing service.

Transactional emails (purchase receipts, shipping and order confirmations) have a 53% higher open rate than a typical eCommerce promotional email, and therefore should not be overlooked as a selling opportunity. The best email marketing tools have easy to use interfaces and Campaign Monitor is no different. Besides their regular email marketing service, you will be treated to a wide array of upsells and offers to help you get the most out of your email list. Therefore, you must ensure that your email marketing service provider does not provide service to any spammer. Even having done that, it still shocks people when I reply to their replies to our email marketing. About Blog – Email Marketing with Cakemail allows you to communicate with the people that matter. Scoping is free as a stand-alone service and included with paid subscriptions to the Litmus email optimization tools suite.

On top of flexible templates, look for a service that has a WYSIWYG editor, which means What You See Is What You Get” and allows you to view your email as your readers would. Like everything else in marketing, it’s all about trial and error and trying video email marketing is no different. Start Increasing Your Open Rates and Gain Email Conversions with Proven Strategies Today! For 30 days straight, subscribers receive a motivational email with a video workout and a written description of the workout. This is how you evaluate performance and also gives the company marketing goals to works towards. That might have worked in the past, but in today’s marketing world where the average attention span is 8 seconds , you need to grab attention, persuade people to act and provide them with products and services that work. Before you sign up for an email marketing account with a service provider, make it a point to get this book and give it a read.

Just give them something, and make sure you communicate it clearly in the email with big, bold text, and a button that stands out. Central to their thinking is that you should focus on the one metric that matters, and its essential reading for anyone who’s serious about data-driven marketing. Email marketing is the marketing tool of choice for businesses looking to attract, retain, and grow loyal customer bases.Think like a customer and write in a conversational tone.Thanks for sharing. If you handle Marketing for a professional association or nonprofit, these are current benchmarks to compare your success with.

For example, you might consider a system that includes email templates with social sharing buttons. For many websites the answer to their online marketing needs has been use of a dedicated email marketing company or an email software provider, and for large websites with thousands of hits paying out for top-quality service is the best solution.

The next time you update your product, send an email to your subscribers with a list of changes/ updates. Which is exactly what you should be offering them – in exchange for their email address (at least). Half writer, half email builder/fixer and half customer support, Geoff is living his dream in a role that combines his many diverse interests. Marketing messages get less attention per customer than email, and they fail to establish as personal a connection either.

One of the greatest things about email marketing is that it is a marketing activity that is open to everyone. Also, not all email clients are able to support the very leading edge approaches, Gmail in particular. Setup an abandoned cart email to remind visitors of the items in their cart or to suggest complementary products. We considered how up to date the software was, how interactive the dashboard was as well as how simple it was to find assistance if we ran into a problem. One, more email companies are beginning to support the coding standards that allow for interactive elements in email ( Gmail was a groundbreaking addition this year ).

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