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Influencer Marketing— A Competitive Edge

Influencer marketing is the process of marketing to individuals as opposed to your target market as a whole. Child-directed influencer marketing is misleading to children because their developing brains do not process or understand advertisements the way adults do—especially advertisements disguised as content,” Laura Moy, director of the Institute for Public Representation at Georgetown University Law Center, which represents the groups, said in a statement.

To celebrate this newfound image and to tap into a new, younger market, IMA and Eyelove launched the Eyelove Fashion Collection with 6 Dutch key influencer ambassadors. If you don’t know what a citizen influencer is you aren’t alone, but the good news is you don’t have to go out and find these people – chances are you’ve already got hundreds, probably thousands, in your database. True influencer marketing is when brands work directly with social media influencers – those who are not traditional celebrity – they aren’t your traditional celebrity, movie star, or professional athlete. Influencer media promotion engaged users to take part in different brand activations. Although it’s more trackable for consumer brands, there’s a really big play for influencer marketing in B2B. As the Influencer Marketing industry evolves, so too does the need for regulation.

Well, influencer marketing is an extremely simple, supremely credible, and highly cost-effective way to gain brand recommendations. Just as social media has grown drastically over the past few years, influencer marketing is going to be a strategy that everyone wishes they had jumped on sooner. It is best practice to outline desired influencer performance in initial communication documents and include examples of how influencers can maximize their experience with your business. For instance, an agreement might stipulate that the brand is to provide tracking links and coupons/promo codes for the influencer to incorporate into sponsored content. Influicity: Search engine for brand influencers to book social media posts for your brand.

Many influencer campaigns also take a content element in which either to create content for the influencers, or they create the content themselves. The main problem with influencer marketing is the series of challenges you might encounter while trying to execute a successful campaign. According to a report in AdWeek , marketers who ran an influencer marketing campaign in 2014, generated higher earned media value than those who did not. Long used by companies promoting their own products and services on electronic and print media, many consumers have become averse to such type of marketing. Influencer marketing isn’t just a trend, it’s here to stay – and it’s an incredibly powerful addition to any brand’s marketing strategy.

Inkybee helps you find influential blogs and bloggers in your industry while pulling in engagement metrics, audience, and social accounts. It’s important to remember though, Affiliate Marketing only works when the influencer and their audience is a good fit with your brand and there is a lot of engagement on their social platforms. An agency is a tempting option because the hard work is done by professionals whose job it is to run campaigns every day. For a visual look at how to put together an effective influencer marketing campaign, Tracker teamed up with LEWIS PR to create a beautiful and informative infographic that gives you a 5-Step Action Plan for influencer marketing. With both SEO and influencer marketing high up on brands’ agendas, we’re going to share a few tips as to how you can work with influencers to improve your SEO. Thus their Influencer Marketing follows the principal she’s a mom like me” (Conner, 2016).

Therefore, if you wish to get better RoI on your marketing campaigns then do give a shot to Influencer marketing at ! Influencer marketing offers significant benefits to your customer development efforts. If you plan to base your social media campaign on testimonial and endorsements, you need to have provided for an appropriate compliance program that will guard you from misleading marketing tricks. As you can see below, the first influencer is Engadget Gaming with a DA of 94 and a follower base of almost 500,000. For example, mommy bloggers, teen bloggers, and sport bloggers are all exceptional marketing opportunities in their respective industries.

Having the right tools to develop and deliver a successful influencer marketing strategy is just as important. A poll conducted by Tomoso found businesses make $6.50 for every dollar spent on influencer marketing. I’ve learned more about content marketing in the past three days while checking out CMI than I have in the past year. Christopher S. Penn is an authority on digital marketing and marketing technology. I tend to agree, as it’s a challenge to build the ideal marketing technology stack. In response to the rapid growth and popularity of influencer marketing, many PR agencies now offer influencer marketing services in addition to traditional campaigns, press releases, media junkets, etc. Here’s a five-step process for using influencer marketing strategies to publish and promote your content.

Credibility can be extremely difficult to way to jump start the process is getting an influencer to favorably review or promote your product.Consumers are often motivated by word of mouth, and they respond to the opinions of people they trust.A positive mention of yours product by an influencer affords you nearly instantaneous credibility with their audience.

Customer acquisition and Influencer marketing: In an extensive research by Tomoson poll, it was released that 51% of marketers believe influencer marketing helps them acquire more qualified leads, and they achieved significantly better customers. However, the ability to utilise this powerful idea is becoming more accessible thanks to the development of influencer platforms, such as TRIBE, which connects brands with niche influencers. With these considerations in front of you, create a picture of your influencer. Sources: make sure your social listening tool can search in the sources you need. Don’t work with an influencer just because they have a large network of followers.

Larger companies develop comprehensive influencer marketing strategies that stretch across platforms. In a survey by eMarketer, 84% of marketers said they would launch at least one influencer campaign within the next twelve months. Outreachr is one of the best social outreach tools that help you reach over 400 million potential contacts in any niche across more than 40 countries. Our unique positioning is not only disrupting the influencer marketing space, but also all marketing because we’re giving the opportunity to these new creatives to work without any brief from brands”. The higher your conversion rate, the more successful your influencer marketing strategy was.

In order to save some time and money, it is the best idea to hire a social media influencer marketing agency. Another option is to have your influencer create a review of the product, either written or in video form, and share it with his or her followers.

Sinkwitz advises you first need to define your goals before engaging in an influencer campaign. There are 9 different types of digital marketing you’ll find today – and they can all work well, depending on how you use them and what type of business you are running. Brands have an insatiable appetite for amazing visual content and influencer marketing is one of the best ways to keep up with these demands.

Backed by a strong collaboration with marketers and 24/7 interaction with customers, influencer marketing is all set to become the most reliable brand validation marketing technology. However, its ‘Z-Points algorithm’ makes influencer management easy and smooth by allocating a score to the influencers based on their influence in their respective areas. This is where influencers can register, create a profile, and talk about how awesome they are at creating a certain kind of content and include their connections on social networks. Brand manager is a senior position that is reached after years of experience marketing or developing a brand. Influencer marketing has been slowly shifting from a PR method to a media channel, sneaking its way into marketing strategies and budgets.

This unique quality of influencer marketing is an important part of the special sauce, yet the stakeholders should be responsible for quality control. Influencer marketing can dig deep into one psychographic trait or be used widely to both extend reach and develop trust. Visit our Influencer Marketing service page to learn more about how we can help you! In fact, 84% of marketing professionals are expected to launch at least one social influencer campaign in the next 12 months. A majority, 74% , report that they use social media to inform their purchasing decisions. For example, if you’re doing an article on Why Mobile Marketing Is The Future,” then your best place to start is finding people who are already championing that with their personal brand. Sixty one percent of US marketers planned on increasing their influencer marketing budgets in 2015, according to an Augure study.

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You’ve probably been hearing a lot about social media ‘influencers’ and ‘influencer marketing’ and are wondering what it is and how or why you could be using it. Put simply, influencer marketing is when a company partners with highly influential people – typically people with large and engaged social media followings – to create and share content around that company’s product or services. An endorsement by an influencer means that prospective buyers are more likely to be receptive to a brand’s message. An initial brainstorming session is key to this 360 approach, your influencer will have as many ideas as you and your client about how best to engage with an audience, probably more. BuzzSumo brings together content sharing analytics and influencer identification into one simple dashboard. Brands can then match up influencers with their needs, and the marketplace serves as the conduit. In this article we are going to take you through all the common pitfalls when it comes to influencer marketing and how to avoid them.

Especially when using an influencer research tool or existing relationships, you can end up with more people that might be a fit than you can reasonably manage in your campaign. Kout helps to identify and target groups of influencers, and assist with outreach programmes, content creation and social campaign reporting. For example, the clothing brand Madewell teamed up with an influencer Stephanie Sterjovsk, who has been referred to as a rising star in the fashion world.

We hope that this list will inspire your next strategy meeting and spark some ideas for exciting influencer collaborations now, and in the future. As influencer marketing strategies continue to evolve auditing your tool kit to make sure you have the best applications available to identify, communicate with, and monitor your influencers will be essential to ongoing success. It is more efficient to address those challenges by using influencers than building a newsroom in the marketing department. FYI’s leading SaaS Influencer Marketing Platform allows you pick your campaign budget, relay campaign details, manage content calendars and post approvals through our communication portal.

In this article, Vicci Ricci, founder of Trend Pie , shares some of his best influencer marketing tips. Because of that profile showing you the background info and social profiles connected to an address, it makes guessing emails really easy. CCFC and CDD have also previously filed complaints with the FTC concerning child-directed marketing practices on YouTube Kids and YouTube. As we see in graph below, influencer marketing has steadily grown in popularity and looks to be closing the gap with video advertising. Is regularly assessing the status of various emerging marketing methods and technologies (2016).

Submit your creative brief to our marketplace and start receiving unique pitches from creators. If you are reading this Influencer Marketing Academy review, I want to remind you about the bonus for the course. We have smart, timely and topical influencer marketing keynote and breakout programs ready for you. Influencer marketing is about working with key individuals on social media, who have the type of audience you want to reach.

This blog post shared the definition of influencer marketing, explain how it differs from other forms of marketing, and to think about how can make it work for the brand by looking at unique elements that compose influencer campaigns. Triberr’s sponsored influencer campaigns are an example of a way that brands will try to leverage targeted groups of influencers with their campaigns, rather than work with singular, higher-profile people. To aid the process, the most important thing is to have it very clear what you want for your brand out of this campaign and how you plan to make this happen.

As a result of the FTC’s inaction, marketing companies are increasing investments in their influencer marketing practices with harmful results, claims CDD. This influencer marketing platform lets you reach the right influencer based on the keywords (or topics) in order to fine tune with your brand’s message. Influencer marketing is the hottest new form of advertising to market products, services and brand messaging.

Anyway, here are some great resources and influencers who often talk about influence marketing that I recommend you follow to ensure that you are keeping up. PR isn’t only a type of digital marketing, but it’s growing to be an ever more important component of any good digital marketing strategy. Companies will then start analyzing where their influencers gather, who their audience is, and what kind of message they are spreading. The Influence Pros Podcast begins this week with your hosts, Todd Cameron and Heidi Sullivan, to keep us up-to-date on new tactics, news stories, and experiences in influence marketing. After making a list of the contextually relevant bloggers, then it’s time to locate their SEO stats and social media information to pinpoint the ones that equal the best reach for your brand.

If a brand wants (or needs) to have strict control over the activities that are heavily counted when calculating the ROI of their social influencer marketing campaign, it’s important to know how much creative freedom the influencer wants. A brand influencer isn’t just someone who is active on social media and has a lot of followers. But GetResponse couldn’t do it alone – they needed the help of professional marketing automation experts that people knew and trusted. Recent 60 Minutes” reports show that influencer marketing is rapidly inserting itself into the mainstream conversation and is becoming more familiar to average consumers. While some brands will use any influencer with a high social following, more brands are beginning to realize that this doesn’t necessarily drive ROI. Odden recommends starting with the basics when making initial contact with influencers.

He described a shared media relations space that is occupied by PRs, content marketers and SEOs, but raised the idea that not all of these parties approach influencer marketing with the same intentions. Francis Trapp is CEO of Brandnew IO , a platform for global influencer marketing. While each brand has its own focused platforms, Instagram is typically the go-to platform when companies work with influencers, followed by Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, according to Chute. In order to achieve good results, brands need to focus on what matters most: marketing via the influencers who are in the best position to sell their products. Influencer marketing is the current hot topic in marketing circles, and it’s not hard to see why. I’m going to really have to re-think the way I’m using marketing automation tools.

I would recommend going through Tracckr’s blog if you haven’t already We have a partnership with them and their thought leadership around influencers and influencer strategies is really good. Influencer marketing is working with individuals who have trusted followings, and are seen as having a specific expertise to promote your product or business. This is a paid influencer marketing platform, but it also has a free tool for finding influencers.

With extensive experience in the industry, the TapInfluence insights team has identified it’s top 10 trends for the new year with key insights to inform marketers’ 2017 digital marketing strategies. When you tweet the blog post or share it via any other social media channels, make sure you tag, mention or thank the influencer by name.

Speakr has a high quality network of over 20,000 ‘Speakrs’ and in 2015 they powered nearly 40% of top 100 most impactful influencer campaigns. This means going a bit further to find the people your audience follows online – but there are tools to help you get the job done. And with the rise of social media as a business trend, this kind of marketing is easier than ever. Practical application: To create goals, you first need to login into Google Analytics, Then navigate to Admin > View column > Goals. Socially Powerful, global influencer marketing agency specialising in helping brands win online. Partnering with an influencer gives you access to an audience that has a higher potential to become consumers of your product or services. Today, people are intelligent and time-poor – a lethal combination if your marketing is inauthentic.

Hi Kathryn…I think we are seeing more enterprises actually form media companies, and drive direct revenue from their marketing. In fact, it is the most popular influencer marketing tool that provides ‘Klout Score’ (between 1 and 100) based on social media analytics to gauge the ‘influence’ of a person. And, in a recent survey, influencer marketing was called out as the fastest growing online customer acquisition method. Influencer Marketing escalated in no time in the year 2016 because brands became conscious of the strength of social media joining loyal and engaged fans. Weconnect handles all necessary tax reporting related to Influencer compensation. Let’s say an influencer organically links to your resources, talks about your brand and encourages their fans to visit your site. You’ll see the time investment pay off and you’ll build a relationship much quicker with that influencer.

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Businessmen are leaving no stone unturned to promote their product or service to enter the large chunk of the financial market. Influencer marketing done right is about delivering real value, with authentic stories and content that attract and retain consumers. Many of the common goals for influencer marketing campaigns are: Brand Awareness, Get people to try a product, Gain Social Media followers, and Increase sales. Our technology paired with our philosophy of ‘Influencer Marketing Done Right’ is the winning combination to make Influencer Marketing work for you. To become an influencer requires a true understanding of desires, pain points, challenges, business processes, and the jobs of your audience.

From a PR perspective, Influencer Marketing is the shift in recognising there are new ways to reach your audience or publics. The more you read of this blog post, the more you’ll understand exactly how to use influencer marketing in your social media strategy. The company says that its marketplace — now in a closed alpha phase — has about 300,000 social influencers in its database, not all of whom have actually signed up. By contrast, HyPR says that competitor TapInfluence houses about 25,000. You can build an empire on any niche if you know how to target the right influencer with unique angle & become an authority on your respective niche. We’ve even seen a handful of traditional advertising/marketing agencies launch their own influencer departments this year in an effort to innovate. It’s important to realize that Influencer Marketing is by no means a quick & easy hack.

CPC Strategy is a retail-focused Search agency that uses a proprietary Search optimization process to drive conversions by matching inventory with consumer intent. Of the companies surveyed, 60 percent used five or more metrics to measure the success of influencer marketing. In theory, a brilliant campaign with a perfect story told by a single influencer with the maximum possible amplification power will result in 100% reach!

Beyond advocacy, an influencer’s expertise, network reach and talent for creating content can be very valuable to marketing outside of campaigns. Mid to high level firms who are going to be doing a lot of influencer targeting should check out GroupHigh or Buzz Stream. In the last few years, increasing numbers of brands and agencies have brought their influencer marketing in-house, including Nokia, Jaguar and Abertis Infrastructure. Influencers have changed the PR game – but they’ve also changed the traditional marketing game. This is one of the biggest points of failure when it comes to running an influencer campaign, however as technology advances, this is expected to become less of a problem. A social authority filter allows sorting of influencers and reports can be saved for future reference. Marketers should revisit goals every few months to track the success or failure of the influencer program.

Standardizing the pricing in the Influencer marketing landscape is step one to evolving, and we’re on the right track to get there in 2017. At least tell the influencer you don’t have a large budget, but you’d like to pay them something (a nominal amount) as a thank-you. Twenty-eight percent of PR managers have a relationship with an influencer in their company, compared to only 11 percent of digital marketing managers. The biggest mistake I see made with Influencer Marketing is focusing on the numbers vs the best fit. The crawl report provided by the tool can take your influencer marketing to a whole new level. Budgets for paid influencer marketing usually depend on the influencer’s audience size and reach.

Marriott’s #itpaystobookdirect” campaign was one of many such influencer marketing campaigns that proved successful in educating travelers on the benefits of booking directly on versus third party sites. If you are a regular listener of the PNR: This Old Marketing podcast , you know that Robert Rose and I cover native advertising just about every week.

This free 100+ page guide explains why we have chosen the 5 tools in each category and gives links to all the tools. After you define possible content creators through ClearVoice and then find influencers on Klout to help amplify the content, leverage Inkybee to track the full influencer outreach process. It will be necessary for any marketing manager to have a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

Features: This tool includes tracking on email opens and clicks, detailed profiles with contact’ social media information and mutual connections, and coming soon – ability to schedule when an email will be sent. The same study by TapInfluence and Altimeter Group also found that using social influencers for ongoing ambassadorships is the most effective marketing tactic, according to nearly 71% of the 102 marketers surveyed. Whether it is to increase your brand’s awareness, gain more followers on social media or get people to buy your products, this needs to be one of the starting points of your influencer marketing campaign. It’s a way to enhance what we do when we do it. Influencer Marketing is always on, because building credible relationships isn’t a one-time effort.

Form a Relationship with Influencers – Try to develop a relationship with an influencer before asking them to advocate for a product or company. We chatted with Guy Poreh , the CMO and head of customer success at HYPR — an influencer database and marketplace — to exchange ideas on the $8 billion market. Content marketing is an approach … a way of doing business if you will … and many executives we work with are still firmly set with the traditional four Ps model. After the initial pass in LittleBird I used filtering criteria to include people who actually work with marketing automation, or have direct hands-on experience. Saying that, influencer marketing technologies and services are typically applied in situations where there are very many individuals to interact with. Simultaneously, it will track the content in a way that it informs you on which social channel it has been shared.

In order to promote my own product, I usually target marketing and PR influencers, as my genre and my niches are firms writing about blogger outreach and influencer targeting. An influencer marketplace employed an automated system in which it would identify high-performing blogger content and launch an amplification campaign. Put simply, if your brand wants to stay relevant, you need to launch an influencer marketing campaign and get the help you need to succeed. These are good places to start but be prepared to spend time vetting each influencer and communicating with them directly.

Both metrics are combined to give an synopsis of how influential and active an individual is within certain communities such as marketing, social media, tech, sports, Etc. A joint study between Twitter and Annalect discovered that 40 percent of respondents purchased an item online after seeing it used by an influencer on Instagram, Twitter, Vine or YouTube.

According to Michaels’ article on influencer marketing , The FTC requires all material connections to be disclosed with a documented process. As you can see from the chart below, there has been a 1000% rise in people searching for influencer marketing solutions or advice over the past two years, demonstrating the massive rise in its popularity recently. Include a request to tag your brand in all influencer collaborations so that your social media channels get more fans as a result of the campaign. Not only does it help you when it comes to measuring success, but it can also help you plan your outreach, and which influencers you’ll approach. Mia Dand, CEO for Lighthouse 3, also thinks that VC funding has been thinner overall this year compared to last year and influencer tech space is an unstructured mess” right now. As its name implies, it is a form of media that influencer has contributed in and earned their credibility, and respect.

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Only TapInfluence’s influencer marketing automation platform and influencer marketplace give you the data, technology and expertise to execute influencer marketing efficiently, effectively and with 11X ROI (we can prove it) Based on TapInfluence data. By understanding your business’s overarching goals and key success measures, you’ll better ensure your influencer marketing program can achieve maximum ROI. At The Motherhood, we view influencer marketing as a very human, very personal discipline. The biggest mistake companies make when doing influencer marketing is outsourcing the process to an agency. They support Digiday’s article on micro-influencers , which states that audience engagement and conversions actually decrease once a social media influencer has too many fans.

While it’s equally important to mock up a brief with the goals you want to achieve, allowing for creative freedom is one of the key ways to make influencer marketing successful on Instagram. After this section, you will understand all the crucial information to utilize influencer network to the maximum to achieve your goal.

The next level up (and possibly the ultimate level of advocacy) from a brand influencer is ‘brand ambassador’. Your email should be personalized beyond name and company and demonstrate you know something about this influencer. Lead generation, website clickthroughs, and transactions are typically the domain of marketing and sales.

Collaborating with social media influencers on Snapchat marketing campaigns can help brands advertise successfully by leveraging each influencer’s established following on Snapchat. In the same vein, if you’re having a difficult time increasing your search rankings and organic traffic, you can leverage influencer marketing to improve performance quickly. Geno regularly speaks at key industry events, and besides Influencer Marketing Days also runs his Affiliate Management Days conference. Also, as influencer marketing becomes more readily used, the FTC will continue to crack down on disclosure to ensure that brands and influencers alike are not deceiving consumers with branded content. Today’s technology and access to real-time data make Influencer Marketing accessible for any marketer wanting to invest in it. Google says that FameBit will continue to operate independently for the foreseeable future. Little Bird is a great partner to our business and helps us achieve our marketing goals.

With over 5 years of experience in creating successful marketing solutions and advertising campaigns for companies in Los Angeles and world wide. This total, super in-depth guide from Content Marketing Institute is a great resource for anyone starting from scratch with an influencer marketing strategy. With so many websites providing the ability to purchase followers and like – Engagement and Reach metrics are not enough to know if an influencer is having effective network. You can still reach out to the second influencer as well, but your main focus should be on the first. Looking ahead, 40% of respondents not currently using social influencers plan on implementing a strategy in 2017. If you’re a start-up, small company, (even if you’re pretty big) marketing budgets are tight and always scrutinized. How to develop influencer relationships through content curation and co-creation.

In influencer marketing , companies form relationships with key influencers within their industry with the hope that those influencers will reference the company or share its content with the influencer’s audience. By the end of the day, you will have experimented with the most popular social search tools to identify influencers, be able to define the basic goals of a campaign and know how to monitor it for signs of success. When making a positive endorsement they can add a lot of value to your digital marketing campaigns. In more ways than one, this case exemplifies all that can go wrong with influencer marketing.” Besides the fact that failure to disclose paid endorsements for influencers is illegal, this deceptive practice, whether intended or not, is a bad idea.

Martin consulted to brands such as Comcast, Ricoh, Campbell’s, uPenn and Reed Business Information, where he created the largest B2B email marketing program in the world at the time. This makes it a good fit for agencies, or brands that create their own marketing campaigns in-house. All the basics of Shopify here, this chapter help you make the most important to start set up your store. To this day, most exits for influencer marketing platforms have been soft landings for founders and (some) employees. And I’ll be teaching a session at iMEDIA social media conference in March 2017 on how to develop an effective influencer marketing strategy.

La Cense Beef – In order to educate consumers about the benefits of grass fed beef, the meat producer set up a website with information about the movement and sustainable agriculture in general. This is the foundation for creating strong influencer relationships that people can relate to well.

With NeoReach, your company can search through 3M+ influencers based on keywords, social performance, and audience demographics manage campaigns, payments, and influencer relationships, and track your ROI. Curalate’s on-demand webinar on micro-influencers explores how influencer marketing is driving serious impact for brands.

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Max is the Head of Global Growth at Lightinthebox (NYSE:LITB), where he leads a group that manages 200+ marketing channels. In this five-minute guide then, that is exactly what we are going to do. We’ll go over all the basic and advanced techniques used in Facebook Marketing and look at how we can use them in order to build a highly effective business model that will sell products and grow your audience.

Whether your company is just testing the waters with influencer marketing and isn’t sure where to start or your focus has been solely on campaigns, the 5 benefits above should provide you with multiple ways to engage in an influencer program Keep in mind, your influencer program doesn’t have to be all about marketing – but inevitably, it can grow in to that when there is content co-creation involved.

Unlike buying clicks via Adwords or Sponsored Tweets (where a brand is guided through a carefully designed setup process, followed by the immediate gratification of their pre-purchased clicks) the world of word-of-mouth and influencer marketing is like the Wild West of marketing.

We believe that Google’s relationship with brands and YouTube’s partnerships with creators, combined with FameBit’s technology and expertise, will help increase the number of branded content opportunities available, bringing even more revenue into the online video community,” said Google vice president of product management Ariel Bardin.

Our 10-Step Influencer Marketing Strategy PDF details the processes, strategies, and tools used by top brands and globally-recognized companies to not only ideate and properly conceptualize a successful influencer marketing  strategy but also, important social media influencer outreach protocols and how to implement critical tracking measures to optimize consumer engagement.

When you consider the massive audiences some influencers have — for example, NikkieTutorials on YouTube, from which I captured this screenshot, has 5.6 million subscribers — it only makes sense that companies would want to get in on the traffic (and influencers would want to enjoy some free products and perks).

Native advertising, account based marketing, hyper-personalization, and content automation may all seem attractive and unflinchingly hot topics to explore in marketing strategies, deploying Influencer Marketing invariably drives more audience engagement.

They understand that celebrities are a wasted expense, that influencers are not exclusive, that influencer networks are very limited in their potential reach since they rely on in-network” influencers that have signed up for all of the influencer networks and that marketplaces hose them on the influencer prices, often at four to 10 times the cost.

Although those are all reason enough to include influencer marketing into a digital marketing budget, I discovered the true power while working on an integrated campaign with my coworkers on Hawke Media’s email marketing, ad-buying and strategy teams.

But the influencer marketing platform and search engine that his company is rolling out — and which today is announcing a $5 million seed round — could let anyone become a paid influencer hired to wax enthusiastic about a new movie or a new toothpaste.

Instead of the usual celebrities and journalists, The Influencer Group filled the front row with inspirational business-owners from Silicon Roundabout who, though they likely had a smaller social media reach, were well-respected by the LAB Series customer.

Onalytica is an end to end influencer marketing tool that lets you discover the most relevant influencer, map them according to your brand needs, build and manage relationship, engage them with excellent content, access real time insights of the communication and scale your influencer marketing activity to get the best results.

A popular influencer marketing platform, FameBit provides a centralized hub where brands can submit ideas for the platform’s social media influencers to bid on. FameBit currently caters to brand-sponsored campaigns on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, and Facebook.