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You have decided to set up your own e-commerce business, and it looks, great! If you click on a company name in the header (or footer), you will be taken to an in-depth review of that email marketing service provider on the main article page. Put another way, email subscriber dropout is reduced by 75% with the incorporation of video ( Eloqua ). And get this: emails with the word video” in the subject line are opened 7% more often ( Experian ). That’s all it takes. And, never forget: your email list is the most valuable asset you can build online.

Dos and Don’ts of Opt-in List Building : Read this article to learn about 5 things you should do and 5 things you should avoid. There aren’t many services that Mailchimp can’t connect to. Whether you need to connect to LeadPages, Instapage, WordPress, Hubspot, Unbounce, Facebook, or virtually any other popular marketing tool – Mailchimp will integrate with them. According to the Benchmarking Report Marketing automation by and Circle Research, 61% agree that the implementation process of Marketing Automation was difficult.

MailChimp’s campaign archive toolbar also provides a permanent, free link to your email campaign on its server. Hubspot is a comprehensive platform which offers a complete suite of integrated marketing tools like SEO, email marketing, blogging etc. Specifically, the selection of an email marketing provider matters a lot, because email plays the central role in e-commerce marketing activities.

Specifically, you need to connect your website to SendinBlue’s SMTP, which is what’s used to send out the emails, and its application programming interface (API), which links your website information with the software. If your email is not opened and ignored in the first place, it’s all over right there! SendinBlue wins with an unlimited list, but it only allows 300 emails per day — which means if you want to send an email campaign to more than 300 people, you’d have to parcel your list and send the email in batches. We chose MailChimp because its free account option really sets it apart from other players, and its intuitive interface can help even the non-technical customer wrap their heads around the ins and outs of email marketing. The images below show the email before and after a responsive design was applied.

Take advantage of this device segmenting by sending email offers with key words such as INSERT HOLIDAY SALE!” or INSERT HOLIDAY – 30% Off Online Only!” Phrases such as Early-Bird Special” or 24 Hour Sale” work well too. You are always required to understand the behavior of your customers and prepare a solid strategy.

As the training division of HubSpot, HubSpot Academy serves marketing and sales professionals with free training for the digital age. However, it’s already become a popular tool for internet marketers and bloggers who are looking for a more intuitive way to manage and grow their growing email lists. With a hike in the total number of e-commerce sites, email marketing makes for the most effective e-commerce marketing channel at a staggering 15.8%. At a time when digital marketing is expanding to include dozens of different mediums, email marketing still remains one of the highest returning assets a business has at its disposal. They are consistent in sending emails to their subscribers, draw their attention and ensure that on receiving the subscriber responses will take care of their queries and answering their concerns. They are industry leaders in providing intelligence driven marketing solutions at an affordable price tag.

For every $1 spent there is a $44.25 average return on email marketing investment.() Not only is it an effective way to market it can be highly profitable. Grow your followers’ list from zero to a few thousands in just one simple step: Send an email to all existing email subscribers asking them to follow you on the new platform. While you do not want to see a spike in your unsubscribe rate, you can also avoid potential IP reputation disasters and gain insight into what marketing tactics are or aren’t working when someone unsubscribes. Its robust CRM suite combined with marketing automation and detailed reporting makes this email marketing service a great choice for small businesses. When email first began, personalization with someone’s name was new and got people’s attention.

Sending them a follow up email that addresses logo design will not fulfill their needs, since it’s arbitrary to the reason they signed up. Instead, set up a specific funnel for users within that group. This chart shows the popularity of the different platforms people use to open their emails.

Our team of email marketers is here to assist you from developing custom templates, to helping you develop a strategic email strategy. BTW, that was the DEFAULT settings of our email filtering service, which is one of the top venders in this space. Here are 30 specific types of campaigns that deserve a place in your email marketing strategy. It works with Shopify, BigCommerce, Tictail and any other eCommerce platform via API. Try to make it ‘single click’ i.e. people enter their name and email in the registration box and they click ‘Register’. Some email marketing services or tools like Litmus provide screenshots of emails in different email clients including mobile devices.

Just to let you know… There is a free trial available for 30 days that you can use to take the autoresponder GetResponse for a spin around the block. Philip Storey of Enchant: More of marketers’ time will be spent on automation, versus scheduled campaigns and email broadcasts. You need tools that will help you automate your marketing and send emails the right way. Overloading the email space with graphic furniture and complicated code layout can often come back to haunt you within the various email clients. In coordination with a specific campaign, mimic the language and vocabulary used in your email.

The software also helps in reducing the turn-around time for your business operations, enabling clients to maximize their profits and investments. Bought by Oracle in 2012 for $810 million (£552m), Eloqua , is aimed at B2B marketers with core features centering on automated emails, advanced email tracking and drag and drop segments. Your autoresponder can go down right when you’re about to send a product launch email. You’ve seen the If you want to unsubscribe, just reply to this email with ‘unsubscribe’ in the subject line” crap before. It currently has over 800,000 customers and you can send unlimited emails to improve your marketing efforts. If your business model uses webinars to drum up leads, GetResponse bakes that functionality right in. Plan a webinar, design your email invitation, and send it to your lists, all in a few clicks. Go find that friend and ask him or her to evaluate your website in fewer than seven seconds.

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