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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few years, you’ve seen the Federal Trade Commission take big brands and their agencies to task for not disclosing that influencers who were gushing over the brand’s products were actually paid to do so. Obviously, the DIY approach with SaaS technology requires the brand or agency to have an individual or team in house to bring together a successful influencer marketing campaign, however you don’t have to be an EXPERT day 1. Influencers are experts at their craft — they just need objectives and guidance.

If you have a genuine following and a consistent stream of helpful content and insights, one of the key ways you can accelerate your influencer status is by investing in video The rapid growth of YouTube, Facebook, and social video platforms (Meerkat, Periscope, Snapchat, Instagram and so on) has fueled the popularity of using video to market a brand or oneself as an expert in a specific industry.

If you have trialled influencer marketing before and discovered a particular influencer who really resonates with your brand and target market, why not engage them in a more long term campaign and see if the momentum builds from the original engagement.

By providing brand and agencies with influencer scores that are adjusted for their follower count and compare them to all their peers in their category and of follower size, brands can make decisions that will move the needle with tracking results from influencer campaigns.

Viral marketing aims to promote your business quickly and to a huge amount of people; often it’s hard to directly incorporate your products or services into a viral campaign, but if you can include your brand and do something incredibly unique, viral marketing can be a seriously effective way to increase exposure to your business.

Retainers and lack of deep expertise, specifically when it comes to marketing on a particular social media platform or working directly with social media influencers, makes collaborating with public relations agencies a hit-or-miss experience for many brands.

Quality influencers are seeking out sponsorships that are long-term and provide their followers with consistency and the influencer with enough creative leeway to produce authentic and relatable content on a continual basis by integrating the brand in ways that are authentic to their use and their lifestyle.

The transforming factor of his life came when he was 19- the terrific gent chose to take control of his life and cut off negative good friends.After he returned to his moms and dads’ area, he partnered with an Internet Marketer named Yair Dolev and also they both carried out $115,000 as newbies in the advertising and marketing world.

The role of influencers providing the gateway to B2B decision makers and consumers is a key component in a modern content marketing strategy, however the challenge for the marketing and communications professionals is to identify their key influencers in order to build effective influencer engagement programs.

Like everything else in marketing and advertising, influencer marketing has been exploited as a possible short cut to big results.Unfortunately, many organizations have taken the approach of simply buying links on a blogger’s site or social accounts, focusing too much on receiving link juice” from influencer content.

Influencer marketing is the most affordable and efficient type of marketing I am aware of. It cannot be equally efficient in all industries (think the notorious plumbing example), but for some niches (like beauty, technology, and multiple other ones) it’s absolutely a must-do.

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What’s odd, however, is the different way that the FTC handled WB’s case compared to Microsoft, who also provided payments to YouTube influencers for promotion reasons. Authenticity is the most important aspect of influencer marketing, and the only way to achieve authenticity is by owning relationships and building out an owned influencer network with brand mentions that are done frequently, and not once by a third party sending opportunities out to an email list.

We’d love to collaborate with you on an article on topic X, which we think our audience would really enjoy hearing from you on. In addition, to posting the article to our sites, which get more than 120,000 visitors a month, we will also include it in our newsletter that goes out to our 20 portfolio companies around the country and over 20,000 entrepreneurs.

The blurring boundaries of marketing is an area that has been discussed at length but it seemed apparent to our experts that Influencer Marketing was an area that didn’t just cross boundaries into other marketing disciplines, it was actually helping build a bridge between them.

Netflix has joined the game of influencer marketing by recruiting Grammasters”, or else Instagram users who happen to love photography and travelling, with the selected ones turning their interests into a profession, as they will be paid around $4000.

Whether you’re already using influencer marketing or just getting started, we hope that this article can give you a solid understanding of what influencer marketing is, and how you can enhance your current marketing strategy through the effective use of bloggers, YouTubers, and other influencers.

According to the Wall Street Journal , there is concern that these emerging companies focus too heavily on platform automation and not heavily enough on what makes influencer marketing successful in the first place – authentic relationships between real people.

For example, if your influencer is unaware of your brand, the most important thing to do is to assert your presence by following, subscribing to and sharing their content, while, for influencers who are already interested in your brand, creating value for them should be the key task.

Marketers are already planning to increase their budgets this year for influencer marketing, since it is considered the most cost-effective method for client acquisition (along with email), with an impressive return of investment of 650%, or else, a profit of $6.50 for every dollar spent.

That’s why we developed a strategic influencer marketing program for the B2B market that uses high level content and social media as an integral part of an inbound marketing strategy – to make connections, share your company’s expertise and attract the right audience that is in need of your help.

While some great influencer marketing campaigns have been launched with Periscope across a variety of individual user channels, Blab’s option to include more voices and insight on audience metrics offers brands new opportunities for influencer marketing and community outreach.

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In only six months, Ykone has positioned itself as the very first Influencer Marketing agency in the Middle-east. Don’t rely solely on social metrics to determine the right influencer partner and so on. While learning strategies for creating authentic, collaborative, and lasting influencer partnerships is crucial for any brand looking to work with influencers, it’s equally as essential to first understand the psychological forces shaping the influencer marketing landscape.

Instagram is the most engaging social media platform that your brand can be active on. It has more than 400 million monthly users (as compared to Twitter at 310 million, Snapchat at 200 million, and Pinterest at around 100 million.) The size of Instagram’s user base alone should encourage brands to create an account on the social network.

It seems as if most business owners fall within the generation X and are more hesitant to believe in real-time and influencer marketing than traditional marketing efforts that they’re used to. Despite the some of the barrier, I think if business owners are open to the idea of implementing some of these tactics, they’ll start so see some positive growth within their company in a short amount of time.

Additionally, this global interest graph would have the power to supercharge any number of existing marketing initiatives through the use of big data, allowing brands a level of targeting that would never before have been possible: loyalty programs, ad networks, influencer marketing, trend prediction, drip campaigns, social listening, sentiment analysis, recommendation engines, and much more.

According to Altimeter Group’s State of Social Business” study, 35% of social media professionals polled in Q2 2015 considered their use of influencer marketing to be at a mature stage, and only 14% had no plans to use it as part of their social strategy.

Introduced over the 2016 summer that allows users to permanently save content), marketers may choose to supplement and/or preface Snapchat marketing campaigns with social promotion from involved influencers across their Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram channels.

Last year, Current rebranded to focus on marketing for real lives and created a unique Realistics process to better serve clients, where data and insights are combined into a nuanced real-life picture of how people live and interact with a brand or category.

After examining 133 influencer technology companies, marketing consultancy Lighthouse3 found that a mere 27 percent were able to deliver on all five of the following: identifying an influencer, connecting with the influencer, engaging with the influencer for unpaid activity, recruiting them for a paid campaign and offering reliable reporting mechanisms like reach, engagement and sales.

For a high profile celebrity like Kim Kardashian ( $10,000 per promoted tweet ) or Bethanny Frankel ($5,600 per promoted tweet) this may be a reasonable value estimate, but for most communications and marketing professionals, influence campaigns happen on a much smaller scale and with far less tangible examples.

Tapinfluence seems to be the platform that a brand with a budget of at least $50,000 to spend on influencer marketing would go to. They’re sitting at the enterprise end of the market with some analytical software that looks like it can scour the entire web to find the very best quality influencers.

Influencers know how to create and curate messages in a way that their followers will connect and encourage engagement on their platforms, knowing that the number of engaged followers is much more important then the total number of followers as it shows how many people are actually interacting with them influencer being a better indicator than reach and impressions.

Influencers sometimes underperform and overperform but don’t focus as much on results as in the effort that the influencer has put in. Of course, results matter in the long run, but in the end your influencer can only control so much of his fans’ reactions.

Despite all of the annoyances that come with this new territory, brands are going all-in because the ROI potential is quickly surpassing that of more traditional forms of marketing, with many brands seeing unprecedented returns when marketing through their more vocal and influential customers.

The rise of social media made it even easier to tap into these influencer networks as brands and agencies had to do less detective work; it became relatively easy to find people online who appear to have vast influence based solely on numbers of fans and followers.

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All Inclusive Marketing (AIM), founded in 2009, is a Canadian digital performance marketing agency, based in Vancouver. Brands will often use their own product and lifestyle photography and can find it very challenging to keep refreshing it. By using Influencer content we’ve seen brands able to refresh their ad units on a regular basis and have even seen the content result in a c. 20% uplift in conversion of the ad units.

If you only take one thing away from this article, let it be this: In order to realize the true power of influencer marketing, you need to treat it as a complete marketing channel, not just a tactic that can be used for one initiative and discarded before the next.

FameBit, an influencer marketing platform , previously raised an undisclosed seed round in September 2013 and subsequently $1.5M in another seed round summer of 2014 from Third Wave Digital (and its founder Allen DeBovoise), Silicon Valley venture capital firm and startup accelerator 500 Startups, and Science (also an investor in Dollar Shave Club and DogVacay), among others.

To this end, Softway uses its experience and expertise to identify a charismatic and effective influencer that can create popular hashtags related to your brand or make blog and social media posts go viral in order to create a buzz about your brand thus spreading its awareness.

The complaint provides several examples of such videos, including one where Baby Ariel and her family sample Jelly Belly brand jelly beans as part of a game called BeanBoozled.” In another video, on EvanTubeHD, the child influencer is seen unboxing a Lego Police Patrol Boat.

In addition to conveying many of the same benefits as traditional word-of-mouth marketing, influencer marketing also allows wide audiences to be reached in short periods of time, is easy to test and can be monitored using widely available analytics tools.

You can set up a campaign and manage it end to end on the HypeTab platform that includes negotiating with all your influencers, managing all the posts and even having and recording the conversations you have with each influencer within the platform.

You can also track and amplify the performance of your social media links; learn about the social affinities and interests; compare and measure the social media success and the campaigns; add the widgets on web and mobile; approve; reject and filter the social content for visuals.

McGillivray says from the influencer side, there have been a few problems around professionalism and managing time and content well, while from the brand side, companies are needing to learn new ways of approving content and having less control over the final product.

Another, and often more effective alternative, is to use an influencer search engine such as Facade by Upfluence These types of platforms help you search for influencers who may actually be willing to develop a relationship and promote your content on a regular basis.

When it comes to selecting a partner for influencer marketing efforts, brands are faced with the prospect of evaluating dozens of organizations: large influencer marketplaces, boutique networks, blogger-run collectives and numerous other operations.

Google’s FameBit purchase is a significant event for the influencer marketing industry—the tech giant’s acquisition of its first influencer marketing outfit not only marks the industry’s immense growth and popularity, but also influencer marketing ‘s viability as a core strategy and channel for advertisers, social media apps and networks, and its ecosystem of millions of social media influencers , fans, and followers—all things Google is keen to be a part of.

As brands become more sophisticated with influencer marketing, they are ceasing to buy celebrity content as the brand awareness, engagement and ROI per dollar spent is low, meaning the increase in sales isn’t significant enough to warrant further investment.

Fascinated by this new means of expression and by the development of social media, Olivier Billon launched his first venture as an entrepreneur by founding the first Influencer Marketing Agency: Ykone, with the Y” as a reference to ‘generation Y’. In parallel, he developed the website which gathered those with a passion for fashion under the name Ykone Network”, a network of influencers.

It is a feature-rich platform that pays attention to a lot of finer details related to influencer marketing including prospecting, scaling, following up, managing relationship, and measuring the success so that you can focus only on building strong relationships.



Welcome to the Academy of Influencer Marketing (AIM), the only destination where marketers can master all-things influencer marketing. Disney’s Maker Studios has a popular YouTube influencer show called EvanTubeHD, which features 8-year-old Evan and his 5-year-old sister Jillian as they review and play with the most popular kids toys currently on shelves.” They also taste test and review snack foods.

Choosing a trustworthy influencer whose values and beliefs are in alignment with the values and beliefs of your brand and target audience is the way to go. The next important move would be to build a genuine connection with them so that they actually feel the need to share your brand message.

Fan Grader will run a report on your page, and provide you with a list of the top 100 micro-influencers on your Facebook page, ranked by their Average Influencer Index, a score that Fan Grader assigns which correlates to the number of friends influenced per comment.

Working with the right mix of platforms and providers can actually make influencer marketing programs more efficient, automating the most time-consuming aspects of influencer marketing so marketers can dedicate their time to developing program strategy and messaging.

Instead, they enlisted the help of those who understand influencer marketing instinctively, Generation Z. The trust partnered with London’s Fashion Retail Academy, who they also support with funding, to launch a competition for students in which they were tasked with designing a charity t-shirt and developing a celebrity marketing campaign.

The counterpoint to Stein’s description of the powerful celebrity influence channel is the idea of influencer ecosystems.” This theory acknowledges that online influence may be more effectively harnessed by a group of influencers rather than by singular influencers.

There won’t be one single stat that influencer marketing can be evaluated on – just as influencers are unique, so too will the results they bring to the table, but as this type of marketing becomes more mainstream, measuring and demonstrating return on investment should also become easier.

While some of these intermediaries have proven to be valuable partners, the crowded marketplace makes it hard to figure out who is worth working with and who is simply finding a new way to charge you,” said Joanna Kennedy, supervisor of digital content strategy at the ad agency RPA.

The main ones you’ll need are social networks (not only the usual suspects, e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, but also other networks you wouldn’t normally think of, like Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr etc.), blogs, forums and discussion boards.

If we analyze overall influencer behaviors among U.S. adults (ex: survey respondents who highly agree to statements such as: people like to copy what I do or wear,” I’m good at convincing others to try new things,” people come to me for advice,” etc.) we see that over half of total influencers (54%) are multicultural (Hispanic, Black or Asian) and 45% are White non-Hispanic.


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When a business decides to engage in influencer marketing they are confronted with two choices: do it in-house or hire a third-party agency to handle the details for them. The output of celebrity endorsements can be very misleading, specifically for consumer brands; according to a recent study, 72% of luxury brands found that homegrown influencer engagement was effective Invest your time into finding influencers that are organically and naturally gravitated to the topics your brand covers or are themselves activists in solving the same challenges you’re addressing.

By not properly training people on how to actually collaborate with influencers, a bubble has formed that results in too many influencer campaigns, that pay too many people too much money, and don’t deliver the business results that advertisers will need to see to prove sustainability.

Perpetuated Sphere of Influence Marketing is a customer attraction approach when implemented will help entrepreneurs significantly increase their customer base and increase sales using a multi-step, structured and cutting edge online based strategic methodology.

Influencer marketing: Influencers are thought leaders, popular bloggers or journalists, authors, speakers, consultants or analysts who are considered trusted sources to your target audience because of the reputation they have built for themselves within their industry.

GrowInfluence is the leading international marketplace designed to make it easy for marketers to collaborate with the Influencers that matter most, get custom content created and shared, and capitalize on each Influencer’s online channels, assets and followings.

While there are more formal means for engaging in influencer marketing programs that often include paid relationships with designated influencer specialists, our approach at TopRank Online Marketing is to focus more on the organic approach and connect with practical influencers.

Getting an influencer to plug your brand on their social channels is a great way to advertise your brand to new offers a quick,easy method of letting consumers know your brand exists,which is especially advantages because those consumers are part of an audience more likely to be interested in your products.

Yanay: YouTube would be the most successful way for influence marketing because it is based on Videos showing the day to day use of the product/app the influencer is promoting, and therefore users are more engaged as they know what they are going to get.

Influencer marketing has the unique benefit of targeting niche audiences across the social sphere with authentic, original content that brands can use again and again These audiences are often new, hard-to-reach segments of a brand’s target market which is why influencer marketing should be a part of every comprehensive communications strategy.

Marketers frequently understand the benefits of having influencers create and share about brands on their personal channels- to get the amplification- but they can fail to realize the opportunities for repurposing that influencer-created content after the campaign has ended.


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Word of mouth has always been considered to be one of the most effective marketing tools. More directly, this means a decrease in the barrier to influencer marketing, larger active communities for the brand, better sales and reliable promotional strategies that have a fairly predictable dollar outcome for accurate marketing budget management,” Wong said.

Hiring a big-name influencer to promote a product launch or one-time event may attract impressive attention, but it will be fleeting; the majority of the new followers you’ve earned likely came for the influencer, not for your brand If you discontinue that relationship and abandon the influencer, you’ve given those fans no reason to stay.

Some experts predict Google will penalize a few high-profile offenders in order to scare other bloggers into towing the nofollow line, Search Engine Watch noted But if Google’s algorithm can’t detect the difference between paid-for and unpaid links (and that seems to be the case), it’s up to the bloggers (and brands) to self-enforce the guidelines.

To work with socially active influencers you’ll need a good grasp of social media marketing techniques; to work with an influencer whose appeal is built on quality content, you’re likely to need content marketing techniques – specifically, you’ll want to develop content ideas in partnership with your influencer, or develop distribution campaigns around content they create for you.

Meanwhile, consumers benefit from influencer marketing because the product or service has already been vetted by a trusted source – allowing them to do a more serious evaluation of the product rather than trying to determine its credibility themselves.

Unlike MCNs, most influencer marketing agencies do not manage or maintain a roster of talent, instead working with advertisers across all social media channels and influencers to create, launch, and manage the best possible campaigns and activations that accomplish brand KPIs.

Ian Schafer (Founder & CEO, Deep Focus) and Kevin Jonas will take the stage at Social Media Week Los Angeles for a talk on the current state of influencer marketing” , and how brands can avoid the common pitfalls, and thrive by collaborating with talent.

Our services in the area of marketing are very diverse and include classic search engine marketing like SEO and SEA as well as to Social Media marketing including Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, Pinterest Tumblr and Polyvore marketing services.

A common example of influencer marketing is when celebrities or high profile individuals or Very Important Persons (VIPs) recommending or using that product or service that in turns helps the maker of that product or service provider to get exposure for their products or services among the masses.

With Google’s relationship with brands large and small, and YouTube’s partnership with creators around the globe, we hope to connect even more brands to creators, engage more audiences, and make brand marketing more creative and authentic than ever,” FameBit founders David Kierzkowski and Agnes Kozera wrote in their blog announcement.

While the actual marketing requires time and personal attention, managing campaigns and influencer relationships doesn’t have to be. Finding the right people to work with, monitoring campaigns, measuring success (or failure)—these are all important tasks.

StarNgage was created to enable quality brands and influential visual content creators to discover each other and collaborate easily on their own terms. Our goal is to become the #1 content marketplace for brand integrations across different visual marketing platform.

According to AdWeek, influencer marketing is still a new addition to the advertising game , but the rise of social media has given digital marketers a huge opportunity to leverage on, and get dramatic results by creating branded content that social media influencers can share with their loyal fans.

In contrast to traditional advertising, which interrupts the consumer experience, native advertising places brands and products within the organic content, creating a more pleasurable experience for consumers and a more powerful marketing solution for brands.