Welcome to the Academy of Influencer Marketing (AIM), the only destination where marketers can master all-things influencer marketing. Disney’s Maker Studios has a popular YouTube influencer show called EvanTubeHD, which features 8-year-old Evan and his 5-year-old sister Jillian as they review and play with the most popular kids toys currently on shelves.” They also taste test and review snack foods.

Choosing a trustworthy influencer whose values and beliefs are in alignment with the values and beliefs of your brand and target audience is the way to go. The next important move would be to build a genuine connection with them so that they actually feel the need to share your brand message.

Fan Grader will run a report on your page, and provide you with a list of the top 100 micro-influencers on your Facebook page, ranked by their Average Influencer Index, a score that Fan Grader assigns which correlates to the number of friends influenced per comment.

Working with the right mix of platforms and providers can actually make influencer marketing programs more efficient, automating the most time-consuming aspects of influencer marketing so marketers can dedicate their time to developing program strategy and messaging.

Instead, they enlisted the help of those who understand influencer marketing instinctively, Generation Z. The trust partnered with London’s Fashion Retail Academy, who they also support with funding, to launch a competition for students in which they were tasked with designing a charity t-shirt and developing a celebrity marketing campaign.

The counterpoint to Stein’s description of the powerful celebrity influence channel is the idea of influencer ecosystems.” This theory acknowledges that online influence may be more effectively harnessed by a group of influencers rather than by singular influencers.

There won’t be one single stat that influencer marketing can be evaluated on – just as influencers are unique, so too will the results they bring to the table, but as this type of marketing becomes more mainstream, measuring and demonstrating return on investment should also become easier.

While some of these intermediaries have proven to be valuable partners, the crowded marketplace makes it hard to figure out who is worth working with and who is simply finding a new way to charge you,” said Joanna Kennedy, supervisor of digital content strategy at the ad agency RPA.

The main ones you’ll need are social networks (not only the usual suspects, e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, but also other networks you wouldn’t normally think of, like Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr etc.), blogs, forums and discussion boards.

If we analyze overall influencer behaviors among U.S. adults (ex: survey respondents who highly agree to statements such as: people like to copy what I do or wear,” I’m good at convincing others to try new things,” people come to me for advice,” etc.) we see that over half of total influencers (54%) are multicultural (Hispanic, Black or Asian) and 45% are White non-Hispanic.

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