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This Is Why Influencer Marketing Will Dominate 2017

You will have no doubt heard someone who works in marketing, whether it’s a colleague, industry resource or thought leader, harping on about influencer marketing and why it is ‘the’ thing to add to your comprehensive marketing strategy in 2016. Influencer marketing has the potential to be incredibly powerful but like any other well-performed marketing campaign, it needs to be measured. Each influencer has their own niche and restriction on what kinds of content they will produce or brands they will work with. The results of an influencer marketing strategy are based on different objectives and must, therefore, be evaluated on the basis of a series of contextual factors. Allow the influencer to be truthful about your brand/ product/ event, even the parts that they may not like. She argues the key to success is for the brand and influencer to create something different that will drive engagement. You can send an email, follow up with the influencer and keep a complete track of those contacts and conversation history.

Both McGillivray and Clark worked on overseas influencer campaigns in the US and Australia before founding The Social Club and say those markets are years ahead of New Zealand. On a blog, the influencer can get more creative with the exact disclosure language, as long as it’s clear and easily identifiable. Often one of the first factors companies look for when finding social influencers is how large their audience is.

Research shows that marketing through social media is between 3 to 10 times more effective than traditional advertising, since it’s an actual person behind the message. The research showed that 37% of women have unfollowed an influencer because they posted too much sponsored content. The bottom line is that it generates sales, reach, followers, marketing content, and user growth, and that seems like a pretty good return from just one of your marketing channels. Despite the current debate, when done right, influencer marketing can still be a great marketing strategy for brands.

TapInfluence dove into the market today with its turnkey influencer marketing software solution that it says enables brands and influencers to collaborate with one another to generate authentic content. If your business has little knowledge of influencer marketing, one of the easier sites, such as FameBit, might work best. We’re the social media agency of record for a large number of brands across the world. Regardless of how well an influencer promotes your product, some consumers may still be hesitant about giving you their money. Yes, we are talking about Ninja Outreach, the all-purpose influencer and blogger outreach software CRM loved by tons of individuals and businesses.

It provides the tools for our influencers to manage, participate and control involvement with marketing opportunities. If pricing per influencer post is provided upfront via an online interface or you are buying long-tail influencers with a single message in mass, than you are utilizing a Marketplace. Work with the influencer to gain insight into which content relating to your campaign is likely to work with their audience best, test and optimize. Before any influencer is contacted, a company must define their goals in measurable terms, spelling out exactly what they hope to accomplish. Examples of current influencer marketing campaigns from a variety of brands, including B2C, B2B and governments, will be showcased throughout the day.

Social media managers have the opportunity to disseminate imprortant information identified by influencers about market trends, prospects and competitors across the organization. Whether a brand is related to the food, beauty or gaming industries, TapInfluence’s marketplace has the social media influencers to scale authentic connections with consumers. Each brand took a drastically different approach to a somewhat similar influencer marketing campaign. In short order, there were rumblings that the death of influencer marketing was imminent.

As we engage our clients’ audiences along their journey, direct marketing (email, direct mail, phone, SMS) and behavioral marketing (SEM, retargeting, contextual) channels deliver information relevant to the needs of each stage. Once you enter several key terms or topics to search for, Zoomph will then assign each identified influencer with a Z Point score so you can see exactly how influential a person or publication is in that field. While influencer marketing has been around for decades — a baseball player on a box of Wheaties is my go-to example — leveraging public figures has taken on a new form in the digital age.

As an influencer marketing agency, we help brands tap these influencers to create and distribute original, authentic content that shows how to integrate your product into the daily lives of their massive and motivated followings. This section covers what digital marketing is – giving you an overview of the different types of digital marketing basics you might want to learn. This might prove to be difficult because 69% of professionals say that finding the right engagement tactics is the second biggest influencer marketing challenge. Example influencer groups could include Celebrities, Journalists, Politicians, Keynote Speakers, Academics and Researchers, Authors, etc. So you see that there are plenty of ways in which your business can directly benefit from influencer marketing.

The most common reason why marketers feel influencer marketing is important is more authentic storytelling for their brand. To find the best influencers, you must keep other crucial aspects in mind such as the quality of engagement and interactions the influencer has with their audience.

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