Influencer Marketing Academy 2017 Honest Review (GOLD BONUSES)

Influencer Marketing Academy Review

These important stats show that many marketers are already making use of influencers to take their business to a whole new level. A perfect fit between a brand and trusted influencers is at the very beginning of succesful influencer marketing. This is a valuable strategy to help brands make smart decisions when trying to reach new or niche audiences through influencer marketing partnerships. B2Cs could be interested in building a social presence on a new channel, gaining engagement around a hashtag, or pushing sales. This way, not only both of you will be on the same page, you’ll also get to know the strategies that your influencer would like to use to promote your brand. As it’s gaining popularity, influencer marketing is becoming a more regulated industry with the Federal Trade Commission issuing more complaints against brands that fail to insist on complete disclosure. This end-to-end influencer marketing software lets you better scale your influence by discovering global influencers, mapping the key connectors, listening to them, engaging them, and measuring the success of your influencer activities.

It’s definitely a heavy-duty CRM for influencer campaign management, with some pretty unique features. In the screenshot below I typed in ‘food blogger’ and the tool returned a list of people with that keyword in their profile, ranked by popularity and social authority. A handful of influencer marketing tools, including Little Bird, Cision, GroupHigh and Insightpool — which uses automation to find influencers, but humans to reach out — have found ways to balance intelligent outreach and scale. Our in-house expertise and technology combine data and creativity to create influencer marketing campaigns that reach large audiences through authentic and appealing story-telling. Any effective content marketing strategy depends on using the most effective tools. Almost half (48%) of marketers plan to increase influencer marketing budgets in 2017; only 4% plan to decrease budgets.

At its heart is an algorithm that scores” writers by weighing their post frequency, quality of publishing sites, quantity of sites contributed to, and social relevance. Remember you can’t own your relationship with your influencer (or anyone else for that matter). One of the major factors pushing influencers to the top marketing funnel is its quick, reliable attribution. This type of effective influencer matchmaking is what drives the authenticity and engagement critical to a successful program.

Free swag is nice, but even better is an acknowledgment that you get what this particular influencer has to offer. His 10.4K likes on this photo indicate how strong this type of campaign will perform for brands – they are able to expand their reach and increase engagement by working with this influencer. An endorsement from an influencer has the power to drive traffic to your site, amplify your message across social media platforms, and even directly sell your product through their recommendation. This raises the question of whether the key value on which influencer marketing is built — trust between friends, or between a star and followers — is an infinite resource. Influencer marketing is an effective channel to reach consumers through trusted individuals who are industry experts and thought leaders.

As for where influencer marketing is heading, McGillivray says it’s not going away anytime soon. Get the facts straight from the source and learn what it means for the future of Digital Marketing. Experiences vary by business size, and purpose, but for the most part influencer marketing is an expensive endeavor when a company tries to do it themselves. They then try to automate their marketing campaigns using the customers that have not gone through the customer journey. While many influencer marketing platforms exist as closed systems—maintaining a network of pre-screened influencers—Uplfuence’s proprietary algorithm indexes over 500 million pieces of content across multiple platforms. Travel Activations: Socialyte maintains a calendar of influencer trips to create exclusive editorials for lifestyle clients and align our talents with global fashion, art and music events including NYFW, Coachella and more.

Influencer marketing often goes hand-in-hand with two other forms of marketing: social media marketing and content marketing. Content of mutual value is when a brand finds a way to collaborate on content that both helps the brand and the influencer reach their respective goals. We, at Global Yodel Media Group , have a global influencer network with a social reach of 200,000,000.

In the future, I aim to cover things like finding the right Influencer(s) to work with, structuring partnerships, leveraging Influencers to achieve goals and monetizing social influence. By knowing your brand and knowing your market, you can develop an influencer marketing strategy that will work for your brand.

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