How It Feels To Be Courted As An Influencer

Marketing Strategy

Influencer marketing is one of the newest trends in the digital marketing world but it’s already changing and evolving fast! Turnkey service providers manage all aspects of an influencer marketing program for a single fee that bakes everything into a single, easy to understand cost. The training was created for those who know very little about influener marketing and is in depth with answers to all of your questions. It’s built the foundation of word-of-mouth recommendations Social media has simply revitalized the power of this marketing technique. Integrate it with other aspects of your marketing strategy to experience the most benefits. We decided to provide you with PERSONAL – six weeks worth – of PRIVATE LIVE mentoring with other Influencer Marketing Academy students. Influencer marketing has emerged as a powerful new addition to the marketing mix. A marketing technique starts strong, becomes oversaturated, and loses effectiveness or becomes too expensive.

If you were creating content on your own site then it would be critical to make sure you are competing against lower domain authority sites, but the beauty of influencer marketing is that you get to take advantage of the higher domain authority for established sites.

Identify what concepts are shaping influencer content and use it to guide positioning and product strategy. If you’re having doubts about the effectiveness about this digital marketing strategy, you should know that 69% of marketers find it to be an effective marketing tool. Once you’ve identified who and what works best for your brand you can build a stronger influencer marketing strategy each time around.

Before you dive into using an expensive influencer marketing tool – or even a free one – think hard about what you want to accomplish with your influencer marketing, and how you want to accomplish it. That’ll reveal more than a tool can about who you should be working with.

If for some reason you did not use influencer content on your own social channels during your influencer campaign, go ahead and use it on your brand’s channels. Brands are discovering that they receive greater value with inbound marketing than traditional outbound marketing. Knowing your objectives, and goals plays a great role in finding the right influencer for your brand.

Marketers are already planning to increase their budgets this year for influencer marketing, since it is considered the most cost-effective method for client acquisition (along with email), with an impressive return of investment of 650%, or else, a profit of $6.50 for every dollar spent.

TapFusion allows any brand to unlock the trinity of trust” between consumers, brands, and influencer with authenticity that breeds brand credibility. Schlesinger Associates conducted marketing research in May 2015 that discovered a whopping 84% of marketing and communications professionals had plans to launch at least one influencer marketing campaign in the next twelve months. Too many people think their marketing MUST bring leads or ROI now, when in actuality digital and influencer marketing takes time to resonate and reach…BE PATIENT!!!

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