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8 Companies That Can Fuel Your Influencer Marketing

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few years, you’ve seen the Federal Trade Commission take big brands and their agencies to task for not disclosing that influencers who were gushing over the brand’s products were actually paid to do so. Obviously, the DIY approach with SaaS technology requires the brand or agency to have an individual or team in house to bring together a successful influencer marketing campaign, however you don’t have to be an EXPERT day 1. Influencers are experts at their craft — they just need objectives and guidance.

If you have a genuine following and a consistent stream of helpful content and insights, one of the key ways you can accelerate your influencer status is by investing in video The rapid growth of YouTube, Facebook, and social video platforms (Meerkat, Periscope, Snapchat, Instagram and so on) has fueled the popularity of using video to market a brand or oneself as an expert in a specific industry.

If you have trialled influencer marketing before and discovered a particular influencer who really resonates with your brand and target market, why not engage them in a more long term campaign and see if the momentum builds from the original engagement.

By providing brand and agencies with influencer scores that are adjusted for their follower count and compare them to all their peers in their category and of follower size, brands can make decisions that will move the needle with tracking results from influencer campaigns.

Viral marketing aims to promote your business quickly and to a huge amount of people; often it’s hard to directly incorporate your products or services into a viral campaign, but if you can include your brand and do something incredibly unique, viral marketing can be a seriously effective way to increase exposure to your business.

Retainers and lack of deep expertise, specifically when it comes to marketing on a particular social media platform or working directly with social media influencers, makes collaborating with public relations agencies a hit-or-miss experience for many brands.

Quality influencers are seeking out sponsorships that are long-term and provide their followers with consistency and the influencer with enough creative leeway to produce authentic and relatable content on a continual basis by integrating the brand in ways that are authentic to their use and their lifestyle.

The transforming factor of his life came when he was 19- the terrific gent chose to take control of his life and cut off negative good friends.After he returned to his moms and dads’ area, he partnered with an Internet Marketer named Yair Dolev and also they both carried out $115,000 as newbies in the advertising and marketing world.

The role of influencers providing the gateway to B2B decision makers and consumers is a key component in a modern content marketing strategy, however the challenge for the marketing and communications professionals is to identify their key influencers in order to build effective influencer engagement programs.

Like everything else in marketing and advertising, influencer marketing has been exploited as a possible short cut to big results.Unfortunately, many organizations have taken the approach of simply buying links on a blogger’s site or social accounts, focusing too much on receiving link juice” from influencer content.

Influencer marketing is the most affordable and efficient type of marketing I am aware of. It cannot be equally efficient in all industries (think the notorious plumbing example), but for some niches (like beauty, technology, and multiple other ones) it’s absolutely a must-do.

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