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Driven Email Marketing Strategy Tips

Everything eCommerce marketers need to know in order to integrate a triggered email strategy into their email and customer retention programs. One final super annoying thing about Mailchimp is that you can’t send an email to multiple lists at the same time. There are three stages in the eCommerce Funnel: interested, engaged, and lapsed. As a content marketer, blogger, information marketer, product seller or author, you can learn a lot from Mailigen’s email marketing strategy. Usually the best place for a main call to action in an email is the top left upper third. IContact is similar to E-Goi email marketing solution in it that includes support for both email and social media marketing, but has a more comprehensive social media marketing feature. There is also an option that uses Google Analytics to track the clicks received by your email. Many eCommerce retailers allow shoppers to bookmark items they like but aren’t yet ready to purchase.

Try sending two different versions to 10% – 20% of your list, for example, you’ll often find that one email far outperforms the other. That’s an impressive milestone – and valuable social proof – that absolutely warrants an email. Promote the event through email marketing, and include the details of when, where and why attendees should join.

Emma has a free iPhone app that allows you to access your campaign results and share your successes with your team. Litmus is offering seven free email templates, each pre-tested and fully responsive. Most mass email services offer the ability to manage contact lists, comply with CAN-SPAM regulations, maintain email deliverability, create and design emails without writing code, and track campaign performance. Test your email marketing messages so you know that they are readable across all the main email platforms and formats.

Here’s an email I just got from a major manufacturer; it’s less an apology than an acknowledgement, but it’s mildly funny and very human, leaving me with a good feeling about the company. She is an enthusiastic marketer with vast experience leading marketing teams in both startups and large organizations.

Building a contact list: Building a contact list is an essential ingredient in email marketing. Planning ahead is crucial to email marketing in order to best target customers at the right time with the right cadence and copy. It’s great to hear from others who have hands-on experience and faced similar challenges when running their own business and marketing campaigns. The main email marketing statistics, which everyone wants to compare are engagement measures (open and click rates), best time of day or week to send an email and email frequency. That bridge (which you can about more in a great text about personalization by GetResponse) is what will help your 5 ways to email flourish. My autoresponder sends a series of email to signups at the rate of every 4 days until they buy something or signal an interest as a lead.

Their help section is full of free learning material including videos, webinars, how-tos, guides, etc. Actually, it was more than 40 years ago that a guy by the name of Roy Tomlinson sent the first email. The second category is all-in-one marketing automation software which includes email tools in their suite of marketing awesomeness along with tools for social media, blogging, analytics, etc. It also provides a content editor with templates for creating marketing collateral which can be shared via email and social media. If you go too heavy on the fancy design elements – like beautiful images, animated GIFs, and crazy layouts – your email is more likely to be picked up by email algorithms and sent to the promotions tab or folder. GetResponse is an easy-to-use platform that provides email marketing, autoresponder and landing page creation. Integration: Integrate the product with other software applications or websites.

The table above provides a good starting point, and enables you to toggle between the best beginner and advanced email marketing tools. When you’re ready to choose a plan, you need to assess your business’s email marketing needs. If your email marketing system allows you can always try doing some A and B testing utilizing different time frames to test open rates. Perhaps you’ve already been sending out email updates, but have sent them from your standard email app by including everyone’s email addresses in the BCC field. In email 3, sent a few days after you expect their product to arrive, ask them if their product arrived safely, and if there’s anything you can do to help them. If you choose Mail Chimp, you will get very simple, but effective email marketing software to work with.

An optimized email message will ensure that the majority of your message can be read as easily as possible by every one of your recipients, no matter what email program they use. Since Active Campaign is feature-rich, there is a learning curve, especially when compared to the email service providers that offer more basic services.

Greggs do mobile optimisation brilliantly, in this example not only does their email render perfectly on a mobile device, but they have utilised targeting within their campaign. If you don’t feel your restaurant’s personality will come across in your own writing, find someone who gets your restaurant’s personality and can be your voice via email.

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