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How To Succeed At Influencer Marketing

Columnist Maggie Malek explains how influencer marketing can end up missing the mark and how you can do it the right way. According to a study by the influencer marketing platform Tomoson, 60 percent of marketers planned to increase their influencer marketing budgets this year, and as shown below, Google search traffic for the term influencer marketing” has grown exponentially over the past two years.

Because they work closely with YouTubers , bloggers , Instagrammers , Snapchatters , and other social media stars , influencer marketing agencies have developed long-standing professional relationships with influencers across a number of different platforms and genres.

I think these people know their stuff, I think that following them together gives me (and therefore you) a well rounded perspective on the digital marketing landscape and in bang-for-your-buck, keep-your-interns-aware-of-the-space-ness, these are the it” people.

New tools and methods have surfaced that take some of the guesswork out of it and onboarding decision-makers has gotten easier now that the usefulness of social media has been demonstrated; however, the need to definitively measure ROI has not gone away.

You may approach influencer marketing yourself, you can get help from influencer marketing experts; Whichever way you choose to follow, always remember that influencer marketing is the opposite side of paid marketing, and you must be consistent when implementing it.

Whether or not you provide unique tracking tags, you should regularly share metrics with your influencer team or automate reporting through a platform such as Skyword It’s important to track metrics at the influencer and program levels so you can optimize your approach and evaluate relationships accordingly.

Solution: Focusing on marketing attribution, and following leads from the top of the marketing funnel — measuring touches along the way — to the bottom of funnel will allow marketers to show how their influencer marketing strategy directly impacts sales and revenue.

Buzzsumo – A free tool that is pretty much still in beta mode, Buzzsumo promotes itself as a research tool for content marketing and SEO by providing insights into the most popular content and the influencers sharing it. Search by topic or a specific website to find the most popular content sorted by total social shares.

The company was initially launched as BlogFrog, which offered a social platform for mommy bloggers,” but over time it shifted its focus to connecting those bloggers with advertisers In an email, President and CEO Rustin Banks described the system as influencer marketing” and content marketing on steroids” — like other content marketing programs, it tries to help advertisers spread their message through blog posts and other content, but there’s an emphasis on social influence.

If you’re going to use a paid influencer, you will need to make sure that the influencer discloses that he is being sponsored.Recently, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has placed increased scrutiny on paid influencers to prevent misleading or deceptive endorsements.

Integrated and repetitive campaigns find success with the most influential and recognized people on the planet, such as Kim Kardashian with JetSmarter , medium-tail influencers such as somethingnavy with Marc Fisher , as well as micro-influencers like Ally Love and adidas SaaS lends to the development of these influencer relationships by bypassing the middle-man that will either exist on the front-end of a managed service provider, or the back-end of a marketplace.

As mentioned, within the platform, CPE is visible on every influencer profile and is a searchable criteria in the influencer discovery and selection process (i.e. if a brand only wants to consider influencers with a CPE lower than X). Relative to the median CPE, displayed in black, a high CPE is denoted in red and a lower CPE is shown in green.

The future of influencer marketing is bright and with business to business marketers, it’s even more important to include influencers in ongoing marketing because buyers are so self directed in the sales process and they trust experts more than brands (Nielsen).

There are plenty of stories online of great freelancers who have gone through this ( this for example ). As your brand influencer is working for you as an unofficial extension of your brand, it is only fair that you keep their best interest in mind before your own profit.

Fact is, what one sees is almost always a filtered version of who the Influencer actually is. Before reaching out for an Influencer, dig deeper to make sure that there is true alignment and you actually LIKE that person and would want to bring them home to meet your mom.

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