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How Influencer Marketing Will Evolve In 2017

As the first agency working with influentials, we believe that influencer marketing has become a fundamental part of building relationships with customers.  Brand 1: Brand 1 provided a clear vision of the campaign in a detailed creative brief, required @ and # tag requirements but left the outcome, approval process and exact copy up to the influencer. Since Nikki is an influencer that Ellie already respects, she paid attention when Nikki talked about ColourPop eyeliners. It’s also possible, once programmatic influencer marketing really catches on, that the next big wave of ad blockers will filter the posts of all your friends. It is a form of marketing that focuses on having influencers, or key people in your niche or market, to spread your brand’s message for you. Sprout Social claims in a report dated November 2016 that 74% of consumers are adopting influencer recommendations to make purchases.

With over 133 vendors across five categories, influencer marketing is a highly fragmented industry. To drive engagement beyond reach you need an influencer who is passionate and engaged with their audience because that means they’re the more likely to garner a positive response. You have to prove yourself so an influencer will want to work with you in the first place, and this isn’t always easy. Keep in mind though that affiliate marketing only works if the influencer and their audience is a good fit with your brand, and there is a lot of engagement on their platforms. This means a dialogue between the influencer and the customer – not mere following of the influencer on social media or subscribing to his/her blog posts.

Personally, I think that’s where the biggest challenge lies, because an influencer is like a changeling. Yes, influencer marketing may lead to an extended (and relevant) reach, but then, it’s up to the brand to turn the new audience into customers by offering the right incentives to increase its client acquisition rate. Brands continue to develop and increase their use of influencer marketing because it works! A relationship with an influencer needs to be developed to ensure your request stands out from the rest.

And influencer marketing is the best reason to do so. In fact, influencer marketing has become a key point of the digital marketing world. A great example of an influencer marketing-focused site is the Sony Alpha camera website, It highlights its customers (photographers in this case), aggregate social media posts taken with their cameras and promote events for their photographers.

Brands will begin to build a better understanding of where influencer marketing fits in their customer’s lifecycle and the brand’s storytelling. This transparency breeds a self-policing environment within the influencer community that drives greater satisfaction for both parties. Traackr does not disappoint on either of those fronts, even if they don’t put that front and center in their marketing materials. After all, if companies are making money connecting content creators with brands for videos that will ultimately be seen on Google’s platform, it makes sense for Google to at least compete in that space. For those that need help spotting the perfect influencer in their industry, Traackr is a useful app that allows marketers to find and manage relationships with influencers. You will see how they contact an influencer and craft an ad that will give an incredible result. It is quite evident that you should definitely employ an influencer marketing approach.

We’ve got real-time CPI, ROI and engagement analytics, and we’ve automated every aspect of the influencer marketing process, wrapped up in a tidy, value-based bow. If the message from the social influencer is too-promotional, the brand may lose credibility with the social influencer’s followers.

You can curate content for social channels, create content led by influencer trends, build community with like-minded people, identify new prospects, and guide Twitter ad campaigns. Having selected and contacted a suitable influencer , the next step is to design and agree on the campaign. Reaching out to the likes of Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and Rihanna is the marketing equivalent of buying a lottery ticket. Currently, 66 percent of more than 200 marketers surveyed by user-generated content marketing firm Chute have an influencer-marketing strategy in place. It also functions as a marketplace for influencers and brands to connect to buy and sell content.

The biggest and most common mistakes I see people making with influencer marketing (asides from not doing any) is using the same email template as everyone else or performing an outreach that benefits only themselves. Influencer marketing can drive overall business strategy, fitting in not just as part of the content strategy, but also as social, PR, and mass engagement strategies. Graduating from Sciences Po Paris in 2007, he rejoined L’Oréal and worked on the first influencer marketing campaigns for Diesel fragrances and then for Viktor&Rolf. Pro tip: Snapchat and Periscope are some of the newer influencer marketing markets.

This presents an opportunity for marketers that make influencer marketing a priority and establish a well-oiled system before the the market adjusts. Tools like Ninja Outreach and Followerwonk from Moz are some useful and effective tools to help you find micro-influencers and macro-influencers alike. Chances are your influencer will be okay with the repurposing since it doesn’t require any more work on their end.

As consumers increasingly look to key leaders for social proof of a product, service, or brand’s value, rather than a brand itself, involving these influencers in your marketing strategy has become essential. The biggest benefit of this automation is that it frees up time to focus on what’s most important. Below are some tools that will make your pitches stronger- whether that involves improving your writing, making your headlines punchier or the message more visual, there’s a tool for that. Ranking: most tools offer some sort of influence ranking for every piece of content they find for you.

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