5 Influencer Marketing Myths Holding Your Growth Strategy Back

Influencer marketing took a huge leap forward in 2016, as brands began to fully realize the power behind social media and those with loyal and engaged followings. You may even discover through the process that certain team members have skills that lend themselves to managing campaigns or influencer relationships. My strongest prediction for 2017 is that there will be a shift from platforms that own” influencer networks, to platforms that allow brands to own their own their own influencer networks. Influencer marketing often goes hand-in-hand with two other forms of marketing: social media marketing and content marketing. Everyday people and even customers have become the driving force behind sales, leading to a paradigm shift that is happening within the marketing world. Although influencer marketing is highly beneficial, some marketers may not be able to enjoy those benefits. As always your marketing objectives(whether it’s influencer marketing, content marketing an content promotions) should help you find the riht influencer.

Companies need to understand that influencer marketing works because audiences trust the influencer. Define the headlines of the articles you plan to create along with search terms and questions you want to address through your content. Automation in influencer marketing can maximize the content’s reach with highly optimized distribution.

On average, marketers who implement an influencer marketing program in 2014 received $6.85 in earned media value for every $1 of paid media. Finally, influencer marketing is a definite plus in terms of search engine rankings, which is extremely beneficial to all brands. In a recent article by Forbes , it was noted that influencer marketing can function exactly as word of mouth (WOM) marketing with adjoining social media amplification. New companies have risen from the ground and Marketing departments have allocated tremendous effort and money. Our conviction: influence marketing has to focus on putting influencers at the heart of digital campaigns.These talents are no longer a simple means of social media converstaion, but real partners for our clients. If you need context, know that in a four-month span, the average influencer earns an average of $1,300.

A platform very suitable for brands since the lifestyle intelligence database and tracking technology helps finding the right people and their interest” peers. Kred is a good entry level tool for those interested in getting to grips with influencer metrics. Influencer marketing taps into the power of word of mouth recommendations—one of the most effective messages you can convey. With the overwhelming amount of digital marketing in our daily lives, brands are now looking for a new way to break through the noise and cyber clutter, and experiential marketing is the answer for many (but definitely not for all). They have some proprietary technology and charge a commission on each influencer payment.

Take your time, research each one, and see which influencer marketing company aligns with your goals, budget, and experience. So maybe you have no interest in reaching celebrity status, but this statistic shows us just how important consistency is when trying to become an influencer. That brand authority is what drives sales; a brand that establishes itself as an influencer creates inbound leads for itself.

Once you’ve found your influencers, you work with them to define what the campaign will look like, TapFusion’s workflow automation tools facilitate building and distribution of content. Regardless of how your efforts to target a particular influencer works out, the last thing you want to do is take your ball and go home. Word of mouth marketing that originates on social media is influencer marketing. When reaching out to influencers, you’ll be competing with plenty of other brands that also want the same thing from the influencer. In 2016, every brand and influencer marketing agency set out to determine the ROI of influencer marketing. In the minds of many business owners, influencer marketing is a premier strategy that should be taken quite seriously due to the incredible results that can be achieved. Every influencer marketing campaign can be measured in a variety of ways, and every outcome will be different. The hardest part of marketing is reaching the right audience with the right message.

In this new ebook, How Influencer Marketing Boosts ROI,” we take an in-depth look at the benefits of Influencer Marketing, how brands are leveraging it and how to determine success. It may be that you’re introduced to them by people that you know, or by contacts or a PR agency. By over-relying on platforms to deliver influencer campaigns (something they are not built to go all the way on), service companies have forgone their responsibility to deliver the best product to their clients. To ensure credibility, your brand messaging strategy needs be consistent, and your brand promise needs to meet (better yet, exceed) expectations. I expect a lot of brands to formulate detailed strategies for Internal Influencer Management Programs to co-create content with influencers over associations ranging longer than a typical one campaign stand.

From Forbes to Jay Baer, influencer marketing is reaching the lips of reporters and thought leaders across the globe. To avoid this from happening and to improve your campaign’s chances of success, consider keeping data sheets and a fixed schedule that both you and your influencer can refer to. Rather, they can begin considering what questions and concerns their target audience has, and how the influencer would be equipped to answer them.

As we continue to uncover what makes influencer marketing fail or succeed, our understanding of how to use it effectively will only improve. Reaching new audiences isn’t the only reason social media marketers are turning to influencers for help, however. A report by eMarketer says 75 percent of influencer marketers struggle to find the right influencer, and another 25 percent have a hard time automating their campaign management. You can come across hundreds of thousands of eyeballs with their credit cards in hand – that is the power of influencer marketing. Using social influencers is a great way for companies to differentiate themselves.

His ‘Thought of the Day’ column explores the ever changing world of social media marketing. We heard the frustrations they faced with point solutions that purported that identifying influencers alone was influencer marketing. Implement influencer marketing to take your marketing to the next level and win a bigger market share. While we are by no means influencer marketing experts (we’re still learning, too!), below are some useful tips we’ve picked up along the way. If you represent an influencer marketing platform that you feel I should have included, just say so in the comments. She is a versatile marketing leader and accomplished writer, with nearly twenty years of experience.

Traackr is a platform solely dedicated to identifying, connecting, managing, monitoring, and scaling influencer relationships in any niche or industry. This can be tricky, with 47 percent of respondents to a recent survey saying that proving the value of their influencer marketing campaigns is their biggest measurement challenge. Here, I’ll walk you through the basics of influencer marketing and outline solutions to the challenges marketers face in proving the ROI of influencer marketing strategies to executives. Everyone’s looking for silver bullet” marketing tactics—that magic formula that you can enter and watch the conversions come rolling in. But Ri-level marketers understand that you don’t start with tactics.

Last but not the least, thanking an influencer for their efforts and collaboration is a simple but excellent way to strengthen your connection with them. Instead of directly targeting a group of buyers, an influencer program uses influencers to spread your message for your company or brand. With this fact in mind, many advertisers have identified marketing with influential personalities on social media (categorised as influencer marketing) as the next trend. Social Media: You are charged with building community, sharing powerful content and being the voice of the brand.

If you’re like us when we first started many years ago, your eyes are wide like dinner plates in contemplating the multitude of benefits to influencer marketing, both tangible and intangible. It may seem obvious but Nicolas Chabot, Head of Europe at influencer identification tool Traackr told us it is one the areas often overlooked by brands. We’ll share our definition of influencer marketing, explain how it differs from other forms of marketing, and get you thinking about how you can make it can work for your brand by looking at the unique elements that compose influencer campaigns. Influencer marketing presents a glaring opportunity for brands to leverage the power of word-of-mouth at scale through personalities that consumers already follow and admire. The next stage of influence needs to be shareable and digestible on all platforms, says Timpone, who advocates devising a bespoke strategy based on selecting the right form of content and choosing influencers with a global view.

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