10 Influencer Marketing Statistics That All Marketers Should Know

Step Plan To Use Influencer Marketing For Content Promotion

Socialyte provides strategic development, casting and management of your influencer marketing campaigns. It’ll be exciting to see how much FameBit grows in the coming months and how influencer marketing will evolve with it. As a marketer, there is always a concern about the authenticity of influencers, so we should continue to do our due diligence in researching them to be certain that they are authentic, engaging and are not simply cashing in on the opportunity to represent a myriad of brands.

Success is best measured by tracking Activity (Volume of Outreach to Influencers), Engagement (2-way interactions from target influencers), Awareness (volume of brand mentions or other relevant topics from your influencer community), Perception (Quality of brand coverage from your influencer community) and Action (site traffic generated by your influencer community).

The general disagreement about the value of influence marketing lends credence to this point of view (value approximation is imprecise in most things digital), but if influence was a reliable conversion channel it could probably be measured pretty easily (with referral codes or tags).

The traditional way to share your message or promote your product was to pay for ad space and then cross your fingers and hope that someone would try it. However, with influencer marketing, you pay an individual (or their agency) to promote your message.

Long-term ambassador roles are great because they ensure the influencer does not promote any competing brands for the collaboration period, and it also appears more authentic and genuine when an influencer supports a brand that they genuinely love over a long period of time rather than the week (or day) of the one-off campaign.

This means that you can track audiences; reduce and simplify the workload; search and analyze things; track conversations that are important; understand the influencers better; measure the audience’s social media sentiment; and integrate the social data to enrich relations.

Our influencers are searchable by 40 filters, including keyword (brand mentions, competitor mentions, etc.), social performance (follower size, engagement rate, etc.), and audience demographics (age, gender, location, language, income, brand affinity, etc.).

If you are at all familiar with the influencer’s examples we’ve used above, you’ll see that each of these posts are created in the same style and voice that is typically found on the influencer’s owned properties – if they stand apart from this expectation the audience will lose trust in both the influencer and in your brand.

Independent reviews are not regarded as marketing communication, but if an advertiser has paid the reviewer (directly or in kind) and where the advertiser has significant control over the content of the review”, then it is an ad. If a brand sponsors a blogger but has no control over the material, it is not regarded as a marketing communication.

Like everything else in social media marketing, influencer marketing has evolved rapidly over the last 9 years. Doing so allows them to create really authentic or custom content and holds the key to successful influencer selection and the subsequent campaign. Search engine optimisation is a type of digital marketing that’s main goal is to gain traffic to a website through search engines. We help clients grow their app user bases and optimize their marketing spending. Consumers are losing confidence in brands – particularly those that rely on traditional forms of marketing.

Features: Its saves all data in the cloud, comes with powerful email tools (reminders, view tracking, and more), doesn’t need IT implementation, and can even be linked to sales tools to track email outreach impact on earning new business. Statistics company Statista ‘s study of marketing professionals in the United States in 2015 showed that 59 percent of respondents said they were planning to increase their budgets devoted to influencer marketing in the following 12 months. Whether it’s PPC, Influencer Marketing or email newsletter – make sure that your UTMs are set up and tracking correctly. There may be active social media users among people who have already bought from you (or subscribed to your list!).

He is a founding member of IBM’s Watson Analytics Predictioneers, co-founder of the groundbreaking PodCamp Conference, and co-host of the Marketing Over Coffee marketing podcast. TapInfluence’s influencer marketplace is used by the world’s best consumer brands including Kraft, Horizon Organics, and P&G and is transforming how marketers create, measure and grow consumer influence. Little incentives like discount codes especially for fans of your chosen influencer or subscribers to their website can go a long way to creating hordes of new loyal customers. Seer Pro Tip: Set up alerts or an IFTTT recipe so you don’t have to remember to check to see if new tools have been added. By using influencer content, we are now able to refresh our ad units on a regular basis.

Think of influencer marketing as simply another arrow in your marketing quiver. Understanding CPE by vertical is an essential skill marketers today must master to be successful with influencer marketing. The flipside of that coin, however, is that one of the biggest hurdles social media marketers report is identifying influencers to work with. This prediction is based around the evolution of influencer marketing in general.

And there they were, right in front of my eyes and at my fingertips: eight keys to content marketing. And let’s say you’d built an actual relationship with this influencer – a friendship even – and they did all of the above regularly. Once you feel confident that you’ve selected the right person to carry your marketing message, it’s time to approach them. Influencer marketing provides a feedback loop with people who live and breathe within your space. An influencer is not simply one who puts out content consistently, but one who draws audiences to engage consistently. For the visionary marketer, the rise of the social media influencer creates a world of possibilities.

As everyday users keep turning into the new online celebrities, influencer marketing is not expected to disappear and brands are becoming aware of this. As brands work harder to reach a smaller percentage of fans on social media, influencer marketing has become a core part of the larger social media strategy.

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